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The fast food industry of television, the driving engine of primetime entertainment, a ratings powerhouse, the best way to transform a homegrown show into an international money spinner - the format business is here to stay. Or is it? Recent research found that the global trade in format rights is now worth more than € 2.4 billion a year and the demand is still growing. Sure, that’s big business - but one that requires investment in innovation. Do we have the laws to protect this investment in innovation? Whose format is it anyway? Why not produce copycat television without paying license fees? In the international television format industry it may be the worst of times and the best of times.

Our training is provided by legal experts and key players from within the industry who will provide participants with a valuable insight into the workings and commercial logic of the international television format trade. Listen in as industry insiders will explore ways to make ideas become reality and to capitalize on the future. This workshop will throw new light on your business and inform your future business decisions.



  • What’s hot?
  • How to devise it?
  • How to pitch it?
  • How to package it?
  • How to produce it?
  • How to extend the value chain?
  • How to distribute it?
  • How to license it?
  • How to protect it?



Ute Biernat, GRUNDY Light Entertainment (Germany)

Jonathan Coad, Swan Turton (UK)

Ed Crick & Danny Fenton, Zig Zag (UK)

Christoph Fey, ERBE (Germany)

John Gough & Michel Rodrigue, Distraction Formats (Canada)

Jacob Houlind, Nordisk Film (Denmark)

Colman Hutchinson, Celador (UK)

Paul Jackson, Granada (USA)

David Lyle, Fox Reality Channel (USA)

Daniela Matei, SBS Broadcasting (Netherlands)

Virginia Mouseler, The WIT (France)



The workshop will take place from 8th to 11th June 2006 on Mallorca, Spain.

The participation fee of € 1.050,- will cover the costs of lectures, didactic material and accommodation with full board.


Contact details:

Erich Pommer Institut

Andrea Peters (Head of Training)

Tel. 0049-331-7212882

Fax 0049-331-7212881

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